The Relevancy of Some Psychological Constructs to Concepts

There are some psychological constructs that can be correlated with some concepts of the Ancient Wisdom. In this brief paper, a few examples of these correspondences will be discussed.

Science declares that “The Microcosmic recapitulates the Macrocosmic,” but in the offerings of modern science there is very little evidence of any understanding of the Macrocosmic. Their findings and research are limited to the Microcosmic. Unfortunately, this is also true of those thought provoking psychological theorists named in this paper whose attempts to discover the true human being were limited to the Microcosmic Personality. It is a cosmic truth that the lower Microcosmic division of our solar system is merely a reflection, and thus an illusion, of the real LIFE to be discovered in the Macrocosmic division of our universe.

Biology is the science of the physical body, which is not a Principle, never being the Cause of anything. It is an automaton directed by higher “bodies.” The as yet undiscovered Etheric Body is the true physical body of the human entity. Psychology is the study of the Quality of the human entity’s Personality. Quality refers to the inherent characteristics of the individual, which according to the Ancient Wisdom are accumulated through past incarnations as well as what has been added in this incarnation. Added to these psychological qualities are an accumulation of experiences limited to this one present incarnation. All the psychologists can know by a study of quality is the distribution of those demonstrated and repeated energies as these are reflected in one’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which are the results of his/her current Personality, and rarely touches if ever on the Soul of the entity. Quality is the consciousness aspect of the Trinity: Spirit-Consciousness-Form/Appearance. But apparently what is never considered is the purpose of our collective human existence.


Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis (1856-1939)

Due to Freud’s restrictive theories to a materialistic and somewhat biological bent, he will not be given much coverage in this paper. In modern times his theories are mostly overlooked by leading psychologists. However, there are a couple of his concepts which can be correlated with the Ancient Wisdom. His psychosocial developmental stages of the child to adulthood, oral, anal and phallic, for example, could be extrapolated to the entire developmental history of the human race. These evolving Root races are described by H.P. Blavatsky (co-founder of the International TS) in her monumental opus, (The Secret Doctrine, International Theosophical Society Publishing House, Madras, (now Chennai), Adyar, India, 1888) consisting of two major Parts. Part One is titled: Cosmo-genesis, and describes in some detail the creation of our solar system. Part Two, Anthropo-genesis, describes the various Root races through which the human entity has evolved and developed its various lower “bodies,” (physical-astral-mental) for living on this gross materialistic plane of our solar system and experiencing all these lower solar system planes have to offer. By the way, the Prodigal Son parable delivered by Jesus to his followers is the very epitome of this same evolutionary racial human history. (Luke: 11: 15-31).

Freud’s other contribution to psychology theory which can be correlated with the Ancient Wisdom was his definition of the inner dynamics of human behavior. His Id, Ego, and Superego concepts well correlate with the evolution of human consciousness. His Id, for example, has AW relevancy to the early Instincts of the noble Savage. His ego relates to the modern day Intelligence of the average man and his Superego could resonate with the Illumination of the highly advanced human entity who has discovered he IS A SOUL, occupying an animal body, and is attempting to “live in spiritual being.” Illumination is the synthesis of Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition. Also his Superego has some relevancy to the inherent consciousness, which informs the entity of the difference between Right and Wrong; a consciousness evolved and expanded over many earthly incarnations.


This famous Swiss psychologist and a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, was one of the first psychologist to delve into the area of the human Soul. It is well known that Jung split from Freud because of the latter’s over-emphasis on sexuality. Freud’s view of the human entity was restricted to a materialistic personality racked by repressed sexual urges. Jung took a more objective and broader view of the human entity. His delving into some areas of Eastern Philosophy, (See, The Secret of the Golden Flower, A Chinese Book of Life, with co-author, Richard Wilhelm) is displayed in some of his theories. His psychological constructs of the Introvert and the Extravert resonate with the Ancient Wisdom’s concepts of the various Occult Ray types (the seven “Spirits Before The Throne,” (Revelations: 4-5 and 5-6 in our western Bible) influencing individual behavior as does his Archetypes. His studies of the unconscious, especially his “collective unconscious,” concept comes close to an understanding of the Ancient Wisdom’s outline of the various aspects of human development via the seven Root races through which humanity is evolving, and how the human consciousness is continually adding to its previous ideas and knowledge. His “Life History Reconstruction” ideas involving an extensive recollection of a person’s past experiences were on the right track but limited and of course and did not include any consideration of the entity’s past lives or the cosmic truth of reincarnation as an influencing factor.

His concept of Synergy, or the pervasive discovery of the same ideas in different cultures rather simultaneously, is a useful idea for understanding how humanity discovers common ideals across a broad scope of human endeavors, or the coherence of a planetary “mass psychology.” The building of the various pyramids in both Egypt and Mexico, having no direct correspondence, are simple examples of this Synergy. These monuments are early man’s efforts to better understand the inner workings of our solar system which the Ancient Wisdom defines. And his study of humanity’s historical conceived Myths and Symbols remain relevant today since an understanding of ancient symbols and myths are an important element of the Ancient Wisdom. The ubiquitous Cross is a ready example. The vertical arm of the cross symbolizes the Wisdom Energies of the highly evolved spiritual entities being descended to earth, and the horizontal arm symbolizes the distribution of the spiritual energies on the earthly plane. The Key of Solomon is another symbolic example of the inter-connectedness of the solar system’s dual Microcosmic and Macrocosmic aspects. The triangle pointing down symbolizes humanity’s Guardians ever reaching out to uplift humanity, and the upward pointing triangle symbolizes Man’s effort to reach the higher kingdoms. That famous mural depicting God reaching out his finger to touch the finger of Man is reminiscent of this. Diverse symbols also depict vividly humanity’s visions of the human forces of Good and Evil. These common resonances are but brief examples of how Jung’s mind was evolving toward discovering the concepts of the Ancient Wisdom. He just never went far enough or lived long enough. It has also been recorded that Jung turned away from what he had discovered of the eastern philosophy believing it would interfere with our western ideals!


Rogers was one of the first psychologists to discuss the ideas of human “Self-Actualization,” later elaborated on by Abraham Maslow. His quote, “The organism has one basic tendency and striving – to actualize, maintain and enhance the experiencing organism,” is an inchoate effort to capture the idea of human evolution: the gradual expansion of the human consciousness,” which the esoteric sciences emphasize. His studies on the ideas of “Person-centered therapy,” and of the “Self-concept” were on the outer verges of a deeper understanding of the human entity. And his “Positive, Unconditional Regard,” for his clients epitomizes the cosmic ideas of Universal Brotherhood, Altruism and Compassion toward all manifested forms in our universe. It also strikes at the idea of our spiritual unity. There is only ONE LIFE and we are each an inseparable part of this ONENESS. God is Life, and Life cannot be dissected.


This German born Developmental Psychologist coined the phrase “Identity Crisis,” and it is usually an identity crisis in our lives that results in our “bringing-to-a-halt” our automatic lifestyles, taking a step back and trying for the first time to make sense of our existence on this earth. One of his major contributions to psychology is his “Eight Stages of Man,” as defined in the above titled book. These correlate very well with not only of the long historical evolution of humanity as a whole, (via Root races) but of the individual growth stages, which the Ancient Wisdom reveals as the seven divisions of an entity’s, “stages of one incarnation.” His quote, “The personality is engrossed with the hazards of existence continuously, even as the body’s metabolism copes with decay.” This could well be understood as his conception of the materialistic life as mortal, ephemeral, short lived and in contrast to the human Soul and Spirit as eternal, ever-lasting and immortal. It also echoes the Ancient Wisdom concept that life on this planet is a “School for Souls,” (stages of humanity’s evolution of consciousness), and that each of us in consciously centered in one “grade” of that “school,” dependent on our Soul Age and our earned position on the evolutionary arc, or the Biblical “Return to the House of the Father.” But, like the others his ideas were limited by a materialistic view of our existence, or the Microcosmic division of our universe.


Gestalt is a French word meaning Form. This German born psychologist’s contribution to psychology has not received the understanding it deserves. The Gestalt idea has far reaching applications not touched on by the other psychologists. For years this old gentleman presided at the Easlen Institute in Big Sur, California giving daily group sessions to any and all comers. Other contributors at Easlen were Erich Berne of Transactional Analysis fame, exercises in Rikian theory and many other well known professionals resident in San Francisco during the late sixties and early seventies.

A major application of this theory is the Figure-Ground concept. In reality the human mind can only focus on one subject at a time. However, due to the rapidity of our flittering thoughts, like in film each single clip when speeded up results in a continuous flow of the thought forms. Recall Freud’s, Free Association of Ideas. The current thought foremost in our mind is the Figure, and the other pending thoughts are the Ground. This equates with the esoteric idea that the individual human entity is a wave (Figure) in the vast (Ground) of the ocean; appearing momentarily as a separate entity but in fact is an inseparable part of the ocean from which it arises. The Ancient Wisdom rendition of this Christian ideal that each being a separate entity is the Great Illusion, and the inner cause of most of the conflict and chaos in human relationships; not only between individuals but between nations as well.

The Gestalt concept of Figure-Ground also could well apply to the idea of reincarnation. Any one incarnation would be for the life time of that life the Figure and the multiple reincarnations we must undergo to reach our destined perfection would be the Ground; the synthetized series of multiple lives.

This idea also has application to our daily meditations. We must learn to control the mind and develop a one-pointed meditating on one aspect (Figure) of the Ancient Wisdom while keeping out of mind the other interfering thoughts (Ground), until its deeper meaning is revealed to our brain consciousness.

One final idea of the Figure/Ground construct for modern humanity is the Microcosmic division of our solar system is the Figure, while the Macrocosmic division is the Ground of all being.


From this brief review it can be seen that the consciousness of the developers of psychological theories were aiming at and circling around a deeper understandings of the human entity that is readily revealed in the Ancient Wisdom. Their limit understandings were hampered by the ubiquitous but unconsciously controlling mechanistic ideas of life on this planet and attempting to discover the real human entity based on a materialistic conception of existence. In other words, they were limited to the Microcosmic division of our universe, which scratching at the edges of the Macrocosmic division of our universe where the truth of the human entity and the truth of all manifested existence is to be found. Their compelling ideas just needed to be expanded upon, and the readily available cosmic concepts for such an expansion are to be found in the Ancient Wisdom.